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East Taiwan Itinerary 6 Days 東台灣六日遊
旅遊代號 EDUED6TT01
旅遊主題 East Taiwan Trip
出發地點 Arrive Taiwan 桃園機場TPE
適用日期 Groups in 2017
旅遊類別 來台-Educational excursions
旅遊諮詢 李達晟 行動 / LINE ID 0977-250666 、886-4-35050166
行程特色 行程內容 每人費用 附註說明 旅遊錦囊 付款方式 安全手則  

Eastern Taiwan is a region where filled with nature beauty and indigenous culture. There are fantastic trails, amazing falls, occult caves and aboriginal tribes in this area. This itinerary will introduce participants to eastern Taiwan. 

The east is the most relaxing place all over Taiwan. The region is also renowned for the monuments from the time Taiwan was in the Japanese Colonial Era such as Kitsuan Keishuin, Yoshino Irrigation, Cikasuan...et cetera. Participants will gain insights into the content of local culture and the beauty of nature through the activities in the itinerary.

●Sansing Green Onion Farmland                          ●Harvest green onion                   ●Getting ready to make scallion pie

A scallion pie is an unleavened flatbread folded with oil and minced scallions. Unlike Western pies, scallion pies are made from dough instead of pastry which are served both as a street food item and as a restaurant dish. And Yilan is fame for Sansing Green Onion which is the best scallion in Taiwan!

●Flat Baiyang Trail                        ●Magnificent Lushui Trail                        ●Heliu Trail(L) and Changchun Shrine Trail(R) 

Taroko became a national park in 1986, including Hualien County, Nantou County and Taichung City. Taroko is famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyons. Cliffs and canyons stretch along Liwu River. Four million years ago, the island of Taiwan was formed by the collision of plates. After millions of years of wind erosion, the marble rocks were exposed and cut by Liwu River, creating impressive grand canyons. From Qingshui to Nanhu Peak, the drop height is 3,742 meters. Such special geography has also bred special flora and fauna in this area.

●Jungle flight    ●Cable Slide                     ●Acrossing the trees                  ●Eojoying the sight of jungle

● The activity is safe and fun! Kind coaches and instructors stand aside with individual secure equipments. The company equipped with Continuous Belay System from Switzerland to ensure the safety of every player!

●Polishing the local mined Jade→To follow the instructions of the old masters and make your own masterpiece !

Hualien is known for being seated above the juncture of all-too-active tectonic plates. With 90 percent of the entire county dominated by mountains, its greatest claim to fame is marble and many other kinds of stone. In this itinerary, you are going to experience polishing unworked jade and make them souvenirs.

●River trekking→To explore the geographical features of rivers and valleys.

River trekking is a cool and exciting activity in Hualien, and it is an experiencing tour which you can directly feel the natural instead of just sightseeing. Just next turn in the stream, there are always tranquil and amazing scene ahead.

●River Rafting→To appreciate the scenery of Xiuguluan River.

Xiuguluan River arises on the slopes of Mt. Xiuguluan and flows its way 103 kilometers until it empties into the Pacific Ocean on the East Coast. It is the longest river in eastern Taiwan and has abundant water all year round. The river drops 65 meters over the 22-kilometer distance of the trip, roiling over more than 20 sets of rapids of varying length and difficulty.

●Yummy Pissa with local flavor                            ●Aboriginal Flavor cuisines                            ●Tasty steak

●Western cuisines such as pizza, steak…..et cetera are provided on the itinerary, but the aboriginal flavor cuisine are still provided. Please enjoy the tasty, unique and yummy meals!

第1天 【Day1】Taoyuan airport → Yilan

※The itinerary may change according to the time you arrive at Taoyuan airport, and the itinerary as follow is an example.

13:40~14:20●Arrive at Taoyuan International Airport

14:30~15:30●Head to Yilan {about one hour drive}
16:40~18:00●Travel to Green Onion Experimental Farm
18:30~19:30●Dinner{B3 House Hot Pot or Luodong Night Market}
19:40~20:10●Hotel check-in, Luodong Kavalan Hotel

************************Daily Itinerary notes************************************

【Green onion experimental farm】青蔥體驗農場

Sansing Green Onion is the most well-known primary product of Yilan and let us start the journey from the farm of Sansing Green Onion! 
1. Sansing Green Onion Navigation三星蔥導覽

Listen to the farmer the stories of Sansing green onion, wandering in the farm to see animals (chicken, turkey, goose, goat ….) and plants(green onion, pear trees....), enjoy the fun of nature and being a farmer.
2. Experience pulling green onion蔥體驗

Harvest green onion at the farmland,hold tight at the root, loosen the soil, pull out with the root, or the essence will be lost.
3. Green Onion Pancake DIY蔥油餅DIY

Make by own hand from kneading the dough, adding in green onion, shaping, frying and tasting. Believe this will be the best green onion flaky pancake ever.

【Luodong Night Market】羅東夜市

It is about 2 miniutes walk from the hotel. You will check in before going to night market for dinner if this option has been chosen.

夜 宿  宜泰大飯店 Luodong Kavalan Hotel { or another HTL in the same level }
餐 食 早餐: at own expense{X} 中餐: at own expense{X} 晚餐: dinner in Luodong{◎}
備 註
第2天 【Day2】Yilan → Hualien

07:30~08:30●Breakfast at hotel 

09:10~09:25●Arrive Luodong Train Station

09:46~11:03●Take local train to Sinchen or Chongde Station 

11:30~12:30●Lunch at Dajili Aboriginal Flavor Restaurant

13:10~15:00●Baiyang Trail

15:30~16:30●Lushui Trail to Heliu Trail

16:45~17:45●Changchun Shrine Trail

18:30~20:20●Dinner at TASTY Steak House

20:30~20:50●Return to the hotel

************************Daily Itinerary notes************************************

The most well-known landscape of Taiwan ~『Taroko National Park』『太魯閣國家公園』

We skip away the popular routes for tourists, such as Swallow Grotto, Tunnel of Nine Turns. Instead, we arrange trails to experience the true beauty and spirit of Taroko. It is a tight schedule to finish 3 trails in the afternoon, but it is a rare opportunity to present the most unique landscape.

The arch at the entrance of Taroko and the stone tablet are the typical places for group photo besides.

【DajiliAboriginal Flavor Restaurant】達基力原住民風味餐

Traditional Truku tribal people took vegetable and meat from the wild and cookby the natural way to elicit the flavor of ingredients.  This is what Dajili presents and attractspeople, the magic of food. 

Baiyang Trail白楊步道

{The way back and forth about 1.5hours walk including stops for photo} Passing 5 tunnels along the way, Baiyang trial is flat and easy to walk. End of Baiyang Trail is the magnificent Baiyang Fall.

【Lushui Trail to Heliu Trail】綠水合流步道

{All the way from Lushui Trail to Heliu Trail and to the Central Cross-Island highway, about 40 minutes walk} Walking through this one person height rock tunnel, although only a short distance, you can feel the strong will of aboriginal people to migrate through torrent and mountains.

【Changchun Shrine Trail】長春祠步道

{back and forth about 40minutes including photo time} People usually stop for the beautiful view in a distance from parking lot. But to walk to The Changchun Shrine, you will be surprised and also grateful.


餐 食 早餐: breakfast at HTL {◎} 中餐: lunch at Dajili {◎} 晚餐: dinner at TASTY{◎}
備 註
第3天 【Day3】Hualien Day Tour

07:30~08:30●Breakfast at hotel
09:00~11:30●Jungle Flight, Canopy Adventure
12:00~13:30●Lunch at Hetienye Restaurant {Pasta , little Hot Pot or combo}
13:40~15:40●Hualien local mined Jade Polishing DIY 
16:00~17:00●Amazing place of Deciduous Cypress Chuanjan Plant Nersery Garden
17:30~18:00●Hotel check-in
18:30~19:50●Dongdamen Tourist Night Market {NT$200 coupon/per person}
20:00~20:15●Return to the hotel

************************Daily Itinerary notes************************************

【Jungle Flight, canopy adventure】森林樹冠層探險

3 million year ago, human ancestors came down to the ground from the trees. Now it is time for us to go back. Jungle flight at canopy is the only jungle ecological adventure in Taiwan. It is a fun and safe activity for both adult and children. Especially good for the kids, for them to face and overcome the inner fear and once they will become stronger and free after the experience and dare to step to the unknown future. Let us walk and slide at the canopy as a wild monkey. And do not worry, every single player is protected by the Swiss Continuous Belay System.

● Detailed instruction for safety and equipment will be narrated. Please dress light with long sleeves, trousers and sneakers. Sandals or slippers are not allowed.
● Canopy tour includes 19 stops of jungle flight and cable slide with the continuous belay system to ensure safety.
● Coffee, tea and water are offered in the tent in the jungle.
● The activity is safe and fun with kind coaches and instructors at the side and with individual secure equipment. 

(Jungle flight company equipped with Continuous Belay System from Switzerland to ensure the safety of every player.)

【Hualien local mined Jade Polishing DIY】花蓮琢玉體驗

To Polish the local mined Hualien Jade,and the old masters introduce the hometown of jade, Hualien.

【Amazing place ofDeciduous Cypress】落羽松祕景

These are woody projections from the root system project above the ground or water. Their function was once thought to be to provide oxygen to the roots, which grow in the low dissolved oxygen (DO) waters typical of a swamp (as in mangroves). However, evidence for this is scant; in fact, roots of swamp-dwelling specimens whose knees are removed do not decrease in oxygen content and the trees continue to thrive. Another more likely function is structural support and stabilization.

【Dongdamen Tourist Night Market】東大門觀光夜市

The streets of aboriginal cuisines are built of bamboo and woods, giving a strong indigenous flavor. They provide snacks not as common in other night markets like grilled wild boar, stone barbecue, and millet wine. As for streets of China cuisines, there are red bricks and red lanterns for the decoration, creating a nostalgic atmosphere. Cuisines of China provinces like Guangdong, Guangxi, Henan, Hebei, Hunan and Jiangxi can be found in here. These characteristic parts make Dongdamen Tourist Night Market so special that you can find a wide range of cuisines try out all the delicacies here.

餐 食 早餐: breakfast at HTL {◎} 中餐: lunch at Hetienye {◎} 晚餐: Dongdamen Night Market{at own expense}
備 註
第4天 【Day4】Hualien Day Tour

06:30~07:00●Breakfast at hotel
09:00~13:30●Xiuguluan river-rafting
14:30~16:00●Afternoon tea at Joki Art Gallery, art and seaview appreciation
16:00~17:00●Wonders of Moon Caves 
18:30~20:00●Dinner – Hot Pot buffet
20:00~20:20●Return to the hotel

************************Daily Itinerary notes************************************

【Xiuguluan River-Rafting】秀姑巒溪激流泛舟

Put on helmet, life jacket, equip with plastic bags, water scoop and paddle, sit 8-10 persons in on raft, listen carefully to the safety instructions, let us RAFT over 23 torrents and rapids. 22 kilometer and four hours rafting starts with gentle flow. Two hours later after passing by the Chimei Suspension Bridge, you will face the 7th rapids, the announcement of lunch break. After lunch ashore and temp rest, the scenery in the valley is quite different. You will see whirlpools and rapids, the highlight of the trip all the way to the Red Bridge. The river slows down and becomes flat and wide. The rafting trip ends at the base of the Changhong Bridge, the junction of Xiuguluan River and Pacific Ocean. Along the entire trip, licensed safe guards, instructors and coaches will ride motorboats back and forth around rafts to ensure the safety.

●Lunch: Lunch box ●Please prepare spare clothes to change after rafting
●Please wear light long sleeves, light trousers, sandals with velcro or sneakers. Do not wear jeans nor slippers.

【Joki Art Gallery】拙而奇創作藝術空間

JOKI Art Gallery, established at 1996 by Mr. Kan Shingyi and his team at Shihmen, Hualien. The space of Joki is full of rock, draftwood, brass and glass as the elements of his creation. His creation is modern but with the simple beauty. Let us have a cup of coffee, enjoy the artwork of Akan , and share the great memory of today!

【Wanders of Moon Caves】月洞奇觀

「Moon Caves」, nature caverns, sacred land of Amis Tribe. The height of Moon Cave is about 80 meters above sea-level, and the entrance of the cave is reaching to a height about 25 meters, but the entire length is only 176 meters. The carved shape of the cave is quite unique with and water was accumulated in to a five-meter high lake. The level of water in the lake will be rising and falling in accordance with the waxing and waning of the moon. Therefore, people named here Moon Cave or Moon Well. In the cave, you can see stalactite, stalagmite, swallow nest fossils, hidden streams, and droplets. But you can only ride in the boat of specialist navigators and carry searchlight to explore Moon Cave.

餐 食 早餐: breakfast at HTL {◎} 中餐: lunch boxes {◎} 晚餐: Hot Pot buffet {◎}
備 註
第5天 【Day5】Hualien Day Tour

07:30~08:30●Breakfast at hotel
09:00~17:00●3 options for the activity of today: 
                      【A】Canyoning and ecological experiment
                      【B】Chuan Shuo Kayak
                      【C】One day at Farglory Ocean Park
18:00~19:30●Pizza Hut (pizza buffet)
20:00~20:30●Return to the hotel

************************Daily Itinerary notes************************************

【A】【River Trekking】 or 【Canyoning + yacht】溯溪生態體驗 或 溯溪半日+遊艇出海

Canyoning along Sasijiyan river or Emeraldn Valley wading with plenty of waterfalls to dive, to plunge, to enjoy the excitement. Lunch on the way with free bottle water.
Personal equipment:swimming suits/pants or underwear, sunblock, goggles. 

Please wear light clothing,do not carry valuable objects(not responsible to keep).
People with heart diseases、asthma、epilepsy and hypertension are not recommended to attend this activity.
Equipment to be supplied:upstream shoes、life jackets、wetsuits、safety helmet
Licensed professional coaches lead and guide the entire trip, and narrate ecology on site.
COACHES Qualifications:
※ IRIA International Swiftwater Rescue Coach ※ Member of Navy U.D.T.(one of SEALs) ※ Member of Marine Corps ※ Member of Hualien Swiftwater Rescue Association ※ Coach of Hualien Water Life Saving ※ Member of Hualien Emergency Rescue Association

【B】【Chuan Shuo Kayak】船說獨木舟

Viewing Qingshui Cliff from offshore+Keishuin+Jian-Chuyin Bikeway.

Personal Equipment:swimming suits/pants or light clothing, sun block, seasick medicine, one set of clothes to change after activity. Age required to attend the activity is 8-60.
People with heart diseases、asthma、epilepsy are not recommended to attend the activity.
One must strictly follow the instructions of the coaches, or would be banned from kayaking.
Equipment to be supplied:safety helmet、life jacket、rubber shoes、entire kayaking equipment、shower place、insurance policy。
●Coaches ride on motorboats to guard and guide the entire trip to ensure prompt help for emergency.
Coaches Qualifications:
● Internation IRIA Swiftwater Rescue license
● Member of Navy Special Force, in charge of water security and guard when movie Silence was shooting in Taiwan.

【C】【Farglory Ocean Park】花蓮遠雄海洋公園

The park is biggest man-made tourist attraction in Hualien, and the first theme park focusing on marine ecology in Taiwan. It features eight zones that introduce different aspects of ocean and marine life. From thrilling water rides, bumper boats, dolphin shows to roller coasters, everyone can have fun in this amusement park. Moreover, visitors will be astonished by the amazing acrobatic abilities of dolphins and seals in the marina shows. The main amusement zone includes the Brighton by the Sea, Crystal Castle, Discovery Island, Dolphin Lagoon, Harbour Square, Main Street, Cove of Mariners, and Underwater Kingdom. The cable car service is available so it is very convenient for elders and children.

餐 食 早餐: breakfast at HTL {◎} 中餐: According to the ITIN {◎} 晚餐: Pizza Hot {◎}
備 註
第6天 【Day6】Hualien → Taoyuan airport

07:30~08:30●Breakfast at hotel
09:00~12:00●Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park 
10:30~11:30●Ten Drum Percussion show + Percussion teaching
12:00~16:00●Take train at Hualien Train station to Taoyuan airport

************************Daily Itinerary notes************************************

【Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park】花蓮文創園區

Hualien cultural and creative industries park is located in the center of Hualien city. The historic settlements build in 100 years ago have 3.3 hectares, including 26 old factory warehouses. It applies exhibition, performance, dining, featured products, educational lecture, travel information, etc. Expected shape a cultural and creative vitality and contemporary life-style by artistic activities and commercial services. a-zone also is the best tourist region in East.

【Ten Drum Art Percussion Group】十鼓擊樂團

Established at the year of 2000,Ten Drum received highly recognition from worldwide and been nominated to Grammy Awards and American Independent Music Awards and Golden Melody Awards. Now, Ten Drum extends to Hualien and the repertory show the beauty of Hualien. Let us enjoy it. That dates and times for the events may be modified during the trip. The trip tour guide will keep you advised every day about schedule.

夜 宿  
餐 食 早餐: breakfast at HTL {◎} 中餐: Taiwan Railway Nostalgic lunchbox {◎} 晚餐: on the airplane {◎}
備 註

Please contact Mr. Li(Dyson Li) for the price.

Skype : liyutsung

LINE : 0977250666

Telephone : +88643505-0366

Email : [email protected]

The itinerary can be customized according to the time you arrive at and depart from Taoyuan Airport ! 得意

【Medical Considerations】用藥考量
Because each person’s medical history is unique, we advise all participants to seek professional medical advice regarding the itinerary that they are about to undertake. It is possible that participants will require vaccinations or medication before setting out on this journey. Family doctors are the best place to begin your enquiries.

Participants must ensure that their passports are valid for at least 6 months beyond the last date of travel associated with this intinerary. If it is not, the participant may be refused entry to the host country. Each passport must also have 2 clear pages for visas and official stamps/chops. Each participant is responsible for checking his/her own passport details.

【Packing List】裝箱單

Luggage 行李
● Travel light. Have only (1) suitcase to check-in and (1) small carry-on.
● Both bags must have identification tags (with your name, home address and telephone number).
● Any valuables should be in the carry-on bag.
● Carry-on luggage must not contain any sharp objects, or liquids.
● Check-in luggage must not contain lithium batteries.
Clothing 衣著
● Clothes appropriate for the climate and season (see climate section)
● Light rain jacket
●Sturdy walking shoes
●Comfortable footwear to wear during free time
●Underwear and socks
● Pyjamas
Health and hygiene Items 健康與衛生用品
● personal hygiene products (tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, etc.)
● sunscreen and insect repellent
● any medication you normally take, in their original bottles with the prescription clearly indicated
● earplugs (communal sleeping can be loud)
Other Items 其他
● travel documents
● programme booklet
● one small day pack (this could also be your carry-on bag)
● camera, batteries, and memory cards
● electrical adaptor (see Programme Booklet for details)
● alarm clock
● pens and pencils
● reading material
● playing cards
● torch (flashlight)
●reusable water container
● Do NOT bring any expensive watches or jewellery
Money 錢財
● sufficient money (in USD, or local currency) for souvenirs, soft drinks and snacks

銀行匯款: {台幣帳戶}
銀  行:台新國際商業銀行812 – 民權分行0665
戶  名:樂在其中旅行社有限公司
帳  號:2066-01-000-12408{共14碼}

银行汇款: {电汇人民币、美金、港币…等外币}
银  行:Bank: Taishin Internation Bank  (Code: 812)  SWIFTAddress:TSIBTWTP

          BankAddress: No.559, Minquan Rd., North Dist., Taichung City404, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

户  名:A/CName: 樂在其中旅行社有限公司 ENJOY TRAVEL AGENCY CO., LTD.

帐  号:A/CNo:  066-75-6064787{共12码}



【Travel safety tips】旅遊安全注意事項

●Keep your travel plans, including accommodation details, to yourself.

Do NOT hitch hike.

●Try not to travel at night.

●Avoid seedier areas of the cities you visit, especially at night.

●Ask your travel guide for advice on safe versus unsafe local areas.

●As a general rule, city streets that include children and women suggest the area is safe for families.

●Keep a photocopy of your passport and all other important documents in a safe place.

●Try to rely more on credit cards and travellers cheques than cash.

●If you are mugged, do not fight back. It is better to lose a few dollars and a wristwatch than get injured.

●Avoid incidents such as fights, riots or civil disturbances at all times.

【Transport safety tips】交通安全注意事項

●At the airport, watch for your suitcase as it appears on the carousel. 

Do NOT hang back and wait for the crowds to disperse - you might find that someone else has already taken your bag in the meantime.

【Hotel safety tips】旅館安全注意事項

●Take note of emergency exits, stairwells, fire escapes and emergency plans, just in case.

●Always lock your hotel door when retiring for the night. If there is a chain included, use it.

●When arranging to meet people you have never met before (such as business associates), wait for them in the lobby. 

 Do NOT ask them to come up to your room.